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Prefab Light Steel Villa Manufacturer in Delhi, Prefab Light Steel Villa Supplier in Delhi, Prefab Light Steel Villa in Delhi. We design environmental economical removable house, including normal, standard and high three levels. According to consumer's requirement, combine with standardized modules to present concise and nice appearance, security construction, safe application and standardized operation temporary construction idea. It's industrialization production, storage capability and recycles in use housing product.

Portal steel structure has the characteristics of lightweight, high plasticity, and good toughness. It fits in construct warehouses, workshops, and garages

Steel space frame is constituted with steel rods and joint balls. It's suited too big span buildings, like airports, storages, stadiums. Arched space frame can span150m. Stainless Steel Spaceframe has attainment rods and balls, that is why it is easier to transport and erecting a structure.

Curtain wall covers the structure building walls, this makes sure the building Looks fabulous. We supply glazing curtain wall and metal curtain walls, including glass, aluminium panel, aluminium-plastic panel, Al-Mg-Mn panel

Low-Cost housing or Affordable housing refers to housing units that are affordable by that section of society whose income is below the median household income.
Though different countries have different definitions for affordable housing, it is largely the same, i.e. low-cost housing should address the housing requirements of the lower or middle-income holders. Affordable housing is the main issue especially in developing countries where the majority of the populated family isn't able to buy their own houses at the market price and cost. Unspecified amounts of income of the people always the primary factor in determining the affordability of homes. As a result, it becomes the increased responsibility of the current government to cater to the rising demand for affordable housing. The Government of India has taken various measures to meet the increased demand for affordable housing along with some developers and stressing on public-private partnerships (PPP) for development of these units

The activity staff quarters is steel structure.
Its characteristic is: can disassemble, convenient transportation, mobile convenient, the activity room is located in the hillside, the hill, the grassland, the desert, the river.
Do not take up space, can be built into 15-160 square meters, mobile health clean, indoor facilities are complete, the durability of the stability of the trailer is strong, beautiful and easy, is family tourism, resorts, villas, places of entertainment's first choice. Designed according to customer's requirements, exquisite and elegant, good thermal insulation performance, warm summer and cool summer, the activity room is mostly finished in the factory.

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FOR STAFF QUARTER AND LOW BUDGET STEEL HOUSE MATERIAL SECPECATION:- Wall panel(50mm cement wall), M.S Tube Structure-(Column,Beam,Truss, Purlin), Roof -(color coated profile sheet), Window –aluminum sliding 1200x1000,Door-laminate Door,0.75mm- PVC flooring and Paint-(Oil bond distemper).
FOR AFFORDABLE STEEL HOUSE MATERIAL SECPECATION:- Cement wall panel 75-100mm thk & 50mm thk sandwich wall panel, M.S Tube Structure, Color Coated Profile Sheet in Roof, Laminated Door with frame , Aluminum / UPVC Window, Sanitary and Plumbing , Vitrified Tiles 800mm X 800mm and 600mm X 300mm in Toilet Wall, Outer and Inner Paint
FOR STEEL VILLA MATERIAL SECPECATION:- Everest Dry Wall, M.S Tube Structure, Color Coated Profile Sheet in Roof, Laminated Door with the frame, Aluminum / UPVC Window, Sanitary and Plumbing, Electrical (Points only) Vitrified Tiles 800mm X 800mm and 600mm X 300mm in Toilet Wall, Outer and Inner Paint.

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Prefab Light Steel Villa

We are also manufacturing all type of tensile structure and supplying in india and abroad.