PUF Panel Manufacturer in Delhi

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Lightweight in nature, energy-efficient and highly durable panels
Suitable for various applications, PUF panels consist of a hardcore sandwiched between the sheet metal structural boards. PUF panels are integrated with joists and studs, high insulation, steam and air stopper. These Panels are Easy to install and for everyone who requires these panels, the typical applications of PUF panels are insulated and include exterior wall, rooftop, and foundation systems of industrial platforms and commercial PEBl buildings, large cold storages, big warehouses and various prefab structures.

DTH is one of the best PUF panel manufacturers in Delhi that offers insulation innovation prefabricated PUF panel for roofing and wall cladding.
• Improved thermal panels and acoustic insulation in nature,
• Energy savings panels for economic benefits,
• Offered in endless customized dimensional requirements,
• Lifetime durability panels and used for high load-bearing capacity
• Premier water resistance panels,
• Flexible colour design options available,
• Easy installation panels and very low maintenance,
• Ready to use and pleasing PUF sheet roofing,
• Used as SIP)eliminating the need for masonry,
• Lifetime different weatherproof panels guarantee,
• Supreme flame retardation,
• Panels are 100% environment friendly,
• Resistant to corrosion and fungus,

A wide range of applications used across industrial and commercial platforms has empowered organizations to lead their respective sectors such as:
• Food processing industry
• Cold storages
• Clean Rooms
• Telecom Shelters
• Fruit & vegetable storage
• Milk & dairy industry
• Floriculture industry
• Prefab buildings
• Warehouses
• Ripening chambers
• Seafood industry
• Meat & poultry industry
• Pharmaceutical storage

Our product manufacturer under the surveillance of the highly experienced skill proffesinoals who take the quality on the best node.

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We are also manufacturing all type of tensile structure and supplying in india and abroad.