Sandwich Panel Manufacturer in Delhi

Sandwich Panel Manufacturer in Delhi, Sandwich Panel Supplier in Delhi, Sandwich Panel in Delhi. Sandwich panel basically consists of two parts of layers one is metal surfaces usually separated by a non-metallic material. These Panels Combining the best benefits of high structural tensile and low weight, sandwich panels offer an innovative solution and these panels make for a perfect building mask or roof. DTH is one of the leading sandwich panel manufacturers in Delhi who offers a complete range of insulating sandwich panels that are solid and applicable for different industries such as agriculture, prefab office building, prefab Healthcare facility, prefab cold storage unit, warehouses, etc.

These Panels popular for Flexible design and wide application range makes the manufacturing of the top class sandwich panels possible to have them installed on both sides vertically or horizontally. These panels are easy to use and can install easily and they are durable in construction ensures that they used without a fault for a lifetime guaranty. We are Offering innovative Sandwich Panels in composite panelling solutions, DTH earned its name as a favourable market reputation manufacturer and has developed a strong client network with a complete wide range of sandwich panels which suit every commercial needs and industrial requirement.

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We are also manufacturing all type of tensile structure and supplying in india and abroad.